With 25+ years in sales & management, Lynn Albro is a marketing specialist and virtual assistant for Realtors & small business owners. A creative problem solver, she loves to help!

Since 2007, Lynn has been focused on Internet Marketing including; Search Engine Optimization (SEO), website creation, social media marketing, email marketing, branding and sales funnel marketing.

Lynn Albro’s Reviews

Michele Foster, Fitness & Business Coach

Teacher, coach, a mentor… that is what has evolved working with Lynn Albro. She is a professional with a sense of humor that really cares about me and my business. I feel like we are in this together and that she has good intentions and an amazing effort towards my goals. Her knowledge and expertise of technology is superior and what I really admire is her desire to continually learn and with tech and social media that is a must. I would recommend her to everyone and know that you have the best! Courtesy of Yelp.com

Don Wapenski, Realtor at Fusion Real Estate Network

“Lynn works very hard for her clients. She is very knowledgeable and is eager to share the details of how to make marketing work for you. I have been a student in her free webinars, paid webinars, in addition to hiring her to help me with my Online marketing efforts. I look forward to working with her again in the upcoming year.” Courtesy of LinkedIn

Tim Hmelar, Social Media Evangelist, Trainer & Small Business Coach

“When it comes to SEO and Social Media Lynn really knows her stuff! In addition to knowing the technical aspects of SEO and social media, the BIG THING that makes her stand out from the crowd is her insatiable appetite to learn and keep on top of changes in the industry. Lynn truly finds pleasure in helping others become more successful through their use of the web and social media. If you need someone to help get you started on your business’s web presence Lynn is at the top of my list!” Courtesy of LinkedIn

Alla Kirsch, Travel Clinics of America: Medical Director

“Lynn Albro was hired by us to consult on our new website TravelClinicsofAmerica.com. Her efforts improved our rankings quickly through content, keyword, and link changes.

Lynn quickly grasped our business and made additional excellent recommendations on our use of blogs and social media. She is also a good writer and was a helpful editor for many of our projects. Courtesy of LinkedIn

Susan Santucci, Realtor associated with Century 21 M&M

Lynn works very closely with the Century 21 agents and is a great resource in social media. Lynn’s knowledge and ability to design and troubleshoot any issue that comes up within the social media sector has been a resource for all those she has helped. We are very lucky to have her on our team. Courtesy of LinkedIn

Virginia Scholz, Administrative Assistant at Beckman Investment Securities

“I have attended a training that Lynn put on and watched her help others. I have had a personal brainstorm session with her to derive the benefit of her unique insights on a particular situation. Lynn exemplifies the ‘full-service treatment’ in a self-service environment. She shares her knowledge willingly and patiently. And while a great deal of her work centers on helping others promote themselves, she promotes herself rather quietly and humbly. Package it all up with a wry sense of humor, and you have Lynn. She’s a wealth of knowledge and recently started “365 Real Estate Marketing Ideas”.

She completes projects efficiently and is easily accessible. She continues to be a pleasure to work with.

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Lynn Albro, Marketing Specialist

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