Tip 3. Social Media Networking

It’s a fact, Social Media can drive traffic to your website like nothing else! Here is a list of marketing activities you can do at your social media sites:

1. Set up your Profile. Social media profiles are vital. Not only do they help users to be more discoverable, but they can help to build relationships with your connections (or followers), as well as craft your brand.  READ MORE 

2. Marketing is all about numbers… so reach out to as many people as you can; friends, family, colleagues, prospects, clients, etc.

3. Be sure to include the company you work for.  If you are promoting your business, set up a Business page with your name; i.e. “Lynn Albro, Marketing Specialist”.

4. Be sure to fill out all the blanks in the profile section, including your Contact Info, education, positions, licenses & certifications, website, etc.

5. When you develop a Business Page, upload a picture badge that states at a glance what business you are in, then follow all of the recommended steps including; adding information about your business and links back to your website.

6. You need to post on your business pages at least 5  times a week. This is not the place to preach your message, Social Media is the place to share relevant information, yours and other people’s. Focus on  ‘how-to’ and ‘tips & advice’ website articles. So for every 5 posts that you post sharing these blogs, add a post about your business; customer testimonials, links to a new blog, a free offer, upcoming events, etc.

7. Use your social media sites to promote your events. An event could be; an Open House, a seminar, a local meetup, etc, When you add a Facebook event,  it is very easy to invite your ‘friends’ to that event. And in the body of the event, offer a link back to your website for more information.

8. It is also important to thank people that ‘like’ your page and reciprocate by ‘liking’ their business pages.

9. Never put up a post that you could not share with your Grandma or your Church Pastor. Don’t be negative, people do not respond well to negative, AND, if you want someone to accept your friendship or ‘like’ your page – ask nicely. Studies show that if you ask nicely, people will usually do what you ask.

Remember that the fundamental purpose of Social Media is to network – so get out there and be nice. Interact with people; Comment, Like, and Share.

NOTE: As I stated in the last Tip, these marketing principles can be applied to networking at any of your Social Media Sites.

In Tip 4 we will address a time-saving technique to automate and syndicate your social networking posts.

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