The Cost to Build a WordPress Website

The cost to build a WordPress website depends on many factors, including the business’s needs and design, and the type of site, please complete the form so that we can give you a quote:

  • WordPress plan: $0–$1150
  • Domain name: $10–$30 per year
  • Hosting provider: $35.99–$599.99 per year
  • Theme: $0–$10,000
  • Plugins: $0–$1000 per one-time or ongoing use
  • Custom WordPress development work: $50–$75 per hour
  • Custom features or block layouts: $1k per page
  • hiring a web developer to create a theme: $700–$10,000

Other factors that can affect the cost of building a WordPress website include: 

  • Small business website: $300–$500 for a few pages and a contact form
  • Larger website: Thousands of dollars for custom functionality or eCommerce
  • Maintenance: $75–$15,000 per year
WordPress software is free to download, edit, customize, and use. WordPress also offers many free plugins, and many premium paid plugins are affordable.
Ready to move forward, please complete the form so that we can give you a quote to build your website.


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