How to set up a WordPress website – the Basics

Why WordPress?

There are many reasons why you should use WordPress, but let me just say, I have worked with over 100 clients, and most of them have used WordPress.

  1. The WordPress platform is free.
  2. There are literally thousands of different themes, most of them free.
  3. The wide variety of themes make web design easy.
  4. Adding website content is fast and simple.
  5. Updates are easy, in fact, they can be set up to update automatically.
  6. Plugins enable you to do just about anything on your website, including security solutions.
  7. Anytime you need help, all you have to do is use a search engine and you will get all kinds of answers, not only in written format but also, in video format.

Before we get started, let me explain the difference between and When you are using the platform, if you use their your website is absolutely free. You have options to pay for it, however, you do not own it – WordPress does. In fact, WordPress has the right to advertise on your website, and they have the right to shut it down. 

If you are using a hosted WordPress site, in other words, you buy hosting from Godaddy and then uploaded the WordPress content management system (CMS), then you own the content, and WordPress cannot advertise on it, or shut your site down.

That being said, there are several advantages to using the WordPress CMS.

  1. You belong to the WordPress community, and traffic comes to your door just because you are part of that community.
  2. The WordPress dashboard is easy to use, almost like an email. You just add the content and images and publish.
  3. The WordPress CMS is already ‘search engine friendly’ with the categories, tags, and sidebar widgets that highlight the content.
  4. If you are using the hosted version the plugins take ‘search engine friendly’ to another level.
  5. As of today, WordPress is the ‘standard’, so much so that 12% of the top-rated websites use the WordPress CMS.

During this training we will be setting up the foundation of a  WordPress website;

  • Choosing a theme
  • Setting up Title & Tag
  • Add a header image
  • Edit the Settings

Let’s get started…

Click to access Setting-up-a-Wordpress-Site.pdf

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